Hello everyone,

My name is María. I’m a Spanish lady living in England (Brighton). I am really interested in know about the English people who are living in Spain, their reasons and opinions about the places where they are living..

That’s why I decided to do this web..

I know about my feeling living in England and how I feel being a foreigner but what about English living in Spain.

I am happy to help everyone with problems over there so, I invite everyone to have a look at my blog and see the different topics I post here about Spain. If anyone need help living in Spain I am also here to help you please email me.


Maria 🙂


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  1. Hi Maria, I love Spain have lived here for 16 years I have a daughter and 2 granddaughters here who are bilingual and they all also love Spain and the Spanish people please feel free to ask any questions Catherine xx

    1. Thanks for your colaboration Catherine, thats really great, where about in Spain are you living? .. like I said in my post Im trying to find the most difficults things that you can find when you are moving to a new place in that case Spain, for example how difficult was for you in your first moments there? Thank you very much, I appreciate your help a lot..

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