La santa, Totana, Murcia

Santa Eulalia of Merida sanctuary, in La Santa, is located 7km from Totana, a town in Murcia capital city. You can get there through a road which crosses the countryside of Totana. You can enjoy on your way there the beautiful landscape full of orange and lemon trees, flowers, almond trees and many others.

la santa totana murcia

Once there you can admire the arquitectonic building, La Santa.

Also a few more miles up this place, there is a little village called Aledo (remember to check for the Alboreja Estrecho in my other post).

Anyway, so, this sanctuary is famous for keeping “Santa Eulalia from Merida”, who is famous for being Totana’s main saint from 1644.

la santa totana murcia

Some people get a bit mad about these religious beliefs, pilgrims from other places in Spain come to visit this place following their religious beliefs and their devotion to this saint.

In the past “Santiaguistas” knights brought all these pilgrims to Santa Eulalia, Totana. It does not make sense, especially if you are not religious, but it is all because of a famous king “Alfonso X the wise” who lived in 1257 and his partner Pelay Perez, all linked to the origins of Santa Eulalia and where she comes from, a place called Merida.


I recommend there a nice place for lunch/dinner called Merendero El Angel it’s a nice place with good prizes and an amazing service with activities for everyone.

Also, after that you can go up by the mountain (walking or by car) behind the restaurant and visit the big monument on the top of the mountain called “El Corazon de Jesus” and enjoy the views over there.

la santa totana murcia

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