Mayos in Alhama & Mother’s day in Spain.

Let’s start this month with energy and by doing that we just have a busy events weekend in front of us.

Alhama is a small town in Murcia and this weekend coming, 6th-7th May, people who live there celebrate a popular festival called “Mayos”. This is a popular event that Alhama celebrate the first weekend of May every year. The celebration started a long time ago and there are not records of why this event started in the past but it was in 1990 when it was approved asmayos part of our national tourist interest.

The way it works is that people put outside their houses what we call “peleles” or little puppets dressed with very old clothes and funny face paint.

The themes for those are old trades representations from Alhama old times, daily life scenes, in a very funny way, o even satirical scenes revealing current real problems.

Apart from that, people dress as something called “corremayo”, “corremayos” dressed in a multicolour outfit, similar to a minstrel. These outfits are made of diamond shiny fabric, striking pattern and pointy ends. The edges of the outfit and sleeves have little bells playing a tinkly sound.


We must emphasize the parade on Saturday when everybody participates dressed up as “corremayo”. The parade is joined by singing groups from Murcia, this year it will count with the presence of an amazing group called “Malvariche”. And not only that, the whole afternoon will be full of organised activities for children and adults.

Attached it is the link of these activities just in case anyone is interested:


And just to highlight that this Sunday (always the first Sunday of May) is also Mother’s day in Spain.

Thanks everyone for read my blog, happy weekend and mothers day..

Maria Mh. 


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