Motor Clubs in Spain

In Spain, leisure clubs are very popular (swimming, trekking, motor, etc..) We can find a wide variety of clubs formed by members who actively participate in them.

A Club is considerate as an organization of people with common interests who take part in recreational, sports or cultural activities. Usually, they are formed by a manager who is in charge of organizing events and sometimes members pay fees to keep the club on.


Within this, I am writing today about motor clubs in Murcia area. I have been lucky enough to be able to interview one of the motor club members. He has told me a little about how they work and has invited all of us to be part of the club.


  • Good Morning Juan David, Could you explain me and my readers how you got into this world of the engine and how long are you part of this club?
  • First of all, my name is Juan David (some people call me Pelao). I have had a motorbike since I was 14, but it was in my 20s when I really got into this world after passing my licence to drive any type of vehicles. From that moment on it has been a non-stop of emotions and adventures. I’m part of my club for the last two years, already.
  • Previously you mentioned motor club definition, Could you explain us what is a motor club for you?
  • I could define it like a place where you meet new people, funny moments and a lot of adventures. We really enjoyed it, especially in our lunch and constant meetings. We also have our own place for this meetings to happen or even talk about new events.
  • Could you tell us the name of your club and how many members are part of this club?
  • The name is “Rafagas” and it is formed by 47 members at the moments but its growing every day.
  • And the last question, Would you recommend something like that to me and my readers?
  • Without hesitation, I invite everyone interested in this world to participate whatever their motorcycle experience is. Everybody is welcome to come every Sunday to join us. I am sure they will want to repeat.

Great then, after this short interview with Juan David who left us with some information about his club events if someone is interested, please contact me for more information.

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy this post.

Maria Mh.

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