Estrecho de la Alboreja

El Estrecho de la Alboreja is one of the most magical places in Murcia. It is a place with touristic and cultural significance and it also has a geological interest.

We can find that place in “Sierra Espuña”, near Aledo Villa, and it is also part of the Rambla de Lebor. This is similar to a cave where due to the rain, the water has turned into moss and covered the walls leaving a fresh feeling when in there, it is such a great feeling in summer. The lack of light inside makes a colorful wall and you can then see or contemplate the stalactites, the moss and even plants such as cola de caballo which cannot really find in this area anymore.


The only way of seeing this is walking because vehicles are not allowed in that place due to narrow roads.
You must leave your car in the allocated area at the top of it where you can enjoy some picnic. In my opinion, you should were comfortable shoes and clothes, wrapping yourself warm as it may be cold if you visit it in winter, also don’t forget your camera to take amazing pictures over there.

The entry of the cave is formed of very tall walls which keep getting narrow once you continue your walk. The lack of light is also significant when in there but it is great in order to contemplate the colors rising in the cave. It is definitely a magical place. You can touch the walls with both hands, you will know when you are leaving the cave as you approach some steps.

I recommend that place a lot, it’s one of my favourites places in Murcia.

Here is the location:


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