Spanish Christmas cakes

Christmas is here and we can easily find a lot of Christmas cakes and sweets in the supermarkets. The Spanish Christmas is celebrated with cakes and sweets. In every Spanish house you find a tray full of this kind of cakes. Usually Spanish women cook their own cakes and sweets but you can also get them from the shops.

Generally talking, these cakes are made of almonds, honey, sugar, chocolate fruit, and many more and their quality is recognized around the world.

Today, I am going to talk to you  about the most typical Christmas cakes , see which one is your favorite and maybe this year you can have your own Christmas tray in your house..

Turron: this one is originally from Arabian and it is really important during these Christmas days. There are different makes, we can find Xixona (I explain about the Xixona museum in other post) wih soft taste or the one from Alicante which is more hard.

Mazapan:  this is a sweet very typical in our country. It mainly comes from Toledo and it is made of almons.

Turron de Agramunt: is one of the most typical in Cataluña area, because their main producers are located in the town of Leridano de Agramunt from XVII century.


Polvorones: similar to a biscuit but with dry texture. It is made with almonds and butter and we can find it in different flavours  like vanilla, cinnamon, etc. The most famous is the one from Estepa in Andalucia.

Mantecados:  this one is similar to a polvoron, but make it with pork butter and sugar. The most common are the one with cinnamon flavor but we can find others with anise. It comes from the XVI century and their origin is from Antequera and Estepa area in Andalucia.

Almond cordiales (Cordiales de Almendra): Are very typical in Murcia area. They are made of almonds, eggs, sugar and “cabello de angel”.

Las Hojaldrinas: very typical in Andalucia, very similar to Polvoron and Mantecado.

Almendras rellenas: they have an almond form and are full of turron inside.

El roscon de vino: it is made with moscatel wine of Malaga.

And the most important El Roscon de Reyes, like a good Spaniard you wait for the Roscon until 6th of January which is the day that we eat that cake, when the 3 wise men come with presents to our houses. It taste like sweet bread with iced sugar and fruits on the top. You can find it with different flavors inside like cream, chocolate, etc. Inside are two surprises one can be a little figure or a dry bean. Following the tradition the person who find the surprise get good luck in the new year, and the person who find the dry bean has to pay the Roscon. Good luck with that.. 🙂

If you know more Christmas cakes let me know and we will add to our list.


Thanks, and happy Christmas to everyone!!

Maria Mh.

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