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A very typical Spanish thing is having local parties or villages’ parties in our counties. These are just traditions we follow from our ancestors. I can talk to you today about the ones we celebrate in Totana, a small town in Murcia.
These local celebrations take part on the first week of December and there is a whole variety of activities for everybody to have fun.
The party is celebrated to commemorate our local virgin, Santa Eulalia, which can be found in the amazing “La Santa” sanctuary, just 7 kms from Totana town centre.

La santa Totana
Santa Eulalia, which is the name of the virgin, is in this sanctuary the whole year around and you can always go and visit her there but on the 8th of December at 9am in the morning, the whole village walks 7kms to get her down our main local church. They sing, eat and have a fabulous time with family and friends (need to mention the lovely hot chocolate they give away at 8am in the sanctuary while waiting for her to get out).
But not only that, the whole week is full of fun things to do, like going to a fun fair or eat and drink out the whole week, mainly our famous “tapas”.


Here is the calendar of these local parties.

Totana Local celebrations

In the meanwhile, if anyone is interested in this kind of local parties, please let me know and I will do my best to put all the information you may need in English, of course.

Maria Mh.


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